Hello to all my male fashion lovers! One thing I usually look forward to whenever my family has an event to attend is how my brother is gonna dress. Honestly, I just love it whenever my brother wants to go out because I get to see what he’s going to wear. My brother takes some of his fashion tips from my dad, and they just find a way to look good. And since we already covered the women’s aspect of fashion tips, today will be better. We’ll discuss the top 10 most important fashion tips for men.

Fashion hacks for men.


Some people think men just like to go with the flow when styling their outfits. I don’t blame them, because I used to think the same way. However, I didn’t understand until I started paying attention to what a guy wears and how he styles his outfit. Even men can be fashionistas. It’s not only when guys wear an over-the-top outfit that we notice them. Even the simplest outfits make a statement when it comes to men’s fashion.

An example of a male fashionista is (ding ding ding), my brother. I had never paid so much attention to how my brother dressed. All I knew was that he would come out looking great. I like guys who dress well, smell good, and have great characters. So, to help some of my male fashionistas even more, let’s dive into the top 10 most important fashion tips for men.

Top 10 Most Important Fashion Tips for Men.

These fashion tips for men should be taken advantage of in 2024. Don’t just dress for dressing sake. Instead, make up your mind to look good. Here are some general fashion tips for men that can help you enhance your style:

1. Always choose quality.

My heart usually races whenever I ask my brother how much he bought a new shirt, shoe, perfume, or trousers. Just about anything that has to do with his outfit, I would be nervous to know the cost. When I would ask him why he goes for such expensive things, he would say, “It’s better to have something you can always use instead of those that will wear out in a few weeks.”

Men’s fashion should never dispute the attribute of quality. It is better to build a wardrobe with high-quality basics like a well-fitted white shirt, a good pair of jeans, and versatile shoes. This is because you can mix and match these pieces with other items. When it comes to quality, the better the material, the longer it lasts.

Top 10 Most Important Fashion Tips for Men 

2. Let it fit.

Now, when it comes to outfit fitness, I’m not only talking about body-con outfits. No! I’m also talking about how you feel about it. I do not like wearing outfits that don’t make me feel good when I go out. It’s mostly why I go for comfort first. However, it is always good to ask yourself, “Do I feel good about this?” While some outfits might accentuate your muscles (or non-existent ones), check to see if you are comfortable in the outfit. Does it make you feel confident? Still you? Or are you trying to be someone you’re not?

Although I agree that some outfits should fit you (I mean your body) and should not be compromised, such as suits, blazers, etc. However, when it comes to shirts and trousers, go for something that fits you in terms of body and feel.  One way to know if a style fits is by understanding your body. Don’t go for outfits that are too tight or too loose. Nowadays, while you can choose a well-fitted dress shirt for your suit, go for slightly fitted shirts for casual. The ideal fit is somewhat loose but still forms a perfect fit around your body. Consider tailored clothing if you are unable to locate the ideal fit off the shelf.

Top 10 Most Important Fashion Tips for Men   

3. Pay Attention to Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. Invest in a few pairs of quality shoes, including casual and formal options. Someone once told me that the first thing people look at in an outfit is the shoes. I don’t exactly know if that is 100% true, but isn’t it better to be safe than sorry? An outfit may be so dang good-looking on a guy, but once the shoe is wrong, it breaks the handsome pattern.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Nigeria, I’ve seen my fair share of the wrong shoe outfits. I mean, how can a guy comfortably wear senator-material attire and pair it with palm slippers? It’s just wrong because senator-material outfits go more with either Oxford shoes or loafers. It is better to ask someone if the shoes go with the outfit if you’re not sure than to wear them and feel bad later on.

There are five major shoes every man should have. They are loafers or Oxford shoes; running shoes; sneakers (casual and formal); sandals (palm or slippers); and boots.

Top 10 Most Important Fashion Tips for Men   

4. Know how to wear a suit

A suit is one outfit that every man is going to need at some point in his life. It is always advisable for a guy to have at least two suits of classic taste. I always admire guys who can pull off a suit. We should know that they are not boring. The key to a suit looking good is fit. Whether you’re buying it from the store or getting it tailored, the suit has to fit. It’s laughable whenever men wear suits that are two sizes too big and make them look like a sac of potatoes. If you can invest in suits, then you can get different suits in different colors and styles.

A suit should be taken as one outfit that should be of perfect fit because you never know who you meet (especially a business partner or a woman (wink)). The suit can be classic but should fit around the shoulders and chest area so it accentuates your body shape. When my brother wanted to choose a suit for his ICAN induction, he and my dad went shopping.

I didn’t go with them because of school, but I told him the most important thing about a suit is that it must fit. That was a weird time, considering I didn’t know much about men’s fashion. However, my brother, being the fashionista he is, went ahead to get a classic black, slightly-fitted, two-button, single-breasted suit. It looked awesome on him, even though it was slightly big.


5. Learn to style an outfit

Styling is very important when it comes to fashion. For men, it simply means knowing what goes on what. While some guys may not care what people think about their outfits, it is still essential to know how to style them. Styling makes even cheaper clothes look expensive. Another thing I learned from my brother is ironing (LOL). It may sound funny, but I dislike ironing. It’s stressful, but my brother likes it. Whenever he washes his clothes, he irons the ones that need it and hangs them or neatly folds them. When I asked why he stresses himself so much, he would say that it makes his clothes look better.

Now, you may ask: What concerns ironing with styling? Well, as a guy, wearing rumpled clothes together doesn’t look appealing. When an outfit is ironed, it makes styling easier because you get to see how well the shirt goes on the trousers. Don’t wear athletic shorts with dress shoes. Don’t wear socks with sandals. As a guy, simplicity is always an attractive feature. Keep clashing patterns away or patterns to a minimum.

6. Accessorize Carefully

Accessories are extras that give an outfit more taste. It shows what kind of things a guy is into. As a guy, keeping accessories to a minimum is more stylish than looking like a heavy metal champion. Accessories like jewelry, bracelets, ties, pocket squares, etc., should be used thoughtfully. For example, when choosing your tie or pocket square, go for a darker tone than your jacket when choosing shirt and tie pairings.

As a guy, you don’t need to wear multiple bracelets (you’re not a diva, lol). Keep it simple, minimal, and stylish.

7. Invest in watches.

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Watches are what I like to call timeless pieces (get the pun, lol). They are just a simple must-have for every guy. The timepiece bears similarities to artwork. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like a watch that fits their personality? Since I prioritize comfort in all my outfit ideas, I’d prefer a simple smartwatch that fits whatever attire I put on.  As a guy, a nice watch is something to have. For example, you can pair good formal attire with quality dress watches like the Orient Bambino Automatic Dress Watch.

The typical Rolex watch is a versatile timepiece and can be used for different kinds of attire. My dad typically goes for the stainless steel Timex watch, as he says it’s more for him. So when looking for the best watch for you, try to think about what suits your personality best.


8. Dress for the Occasion

When it comes to fashion and styling, as a guy, it is important to understand the dress code for different occasions and dress accordingly. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a formal event, make sure your outfit is appropriate. When I was in university, my roommates and friends would watch videos on Instagram where the anchor would try to match a man and a woman together. One of the things that was common with all the women was their quick response to their outfits.

My roommate would say if she was meeting a guy at a cafe for a first date, she shouldn’t expect him to wear a suit. She said she prefers casual shirts and trousers. My friend would say if it was the same cafe date, she’d prefer he wore a hoodie and a matching pair of trousers or just know how to pair both well. I would laugh and say that as long as he looks good in anything casual for a cafe date, then I’m good. However, that doesn’t mean he should also wear shorts (haha). I can expect that when going to the beach.

If you’re going to a friend’s wedding, then we can expect you to dress quite formally, but not as formal as going to a business meeting. In Nigeria, if a guy attends a wedding, it won’t be bad for them to wear their agbada and native attire. Which is why, if you’re in doubt, please ask for the dress code.


9. Grooming is important

Just as an outfit is important, how you look in terms of appearance is also important. It doesn’t matter if an outfit suits you when your hair and beard are a mess. Good grooming is an integral part of style. Keep your hair, beard, and nails well-maintained. I do not like beards, but if you do have them, then please, please, keep them clean. It is super important and dope to look both clean and handsome.

You do not need to tie your beards; keep them trimmed (yes, I crossed the line, lol). You do not need to have a bush for your hair; keep it neat. Also, you do not have to look like you fixed super-long nails; keep them moderate. In Nigeria, I usually laugh at some guys whose nails look like those of Maleficent. I mean, what is the real essence of having such long nails?

As much as your outfit is important, you also need to take care of your appearance. As they say, first impressions last longer (or is it second impressions?). Not just your outer appearance but also private ones like your underarms. Why should your armpit be as long as a woman’s hair?

10. Know Your Colors

Talking about fashion tips for men, it is important to understand what colors complement your skin tone. Neutral colors like navy, gray, and white are versatile and easy to pair with other colors. Don’t be scared of color. I read novels and only see black (lol). You can add color to your suit if you’re more of a formal guy. Whether it’s casual or formal, add a dash of color so as not to look too basic or too boring.

Know Your Colors: Understand what colors complement your skin tone. Neutral colors like navy, gray, and white are versatile and easy to pair with other colors.    

However, out of all these fashion tips for men, the best tip is confidence. No matter what you’re wearing, confidence is the best accessory. Own your style and wear it with confidence. Remember that personal style is subjective, and these tips are just guidelines. Experiment with different looks, find what makes you comfortable, and express your personality through your clothing choices.

Alrighty, this brings us to the end of another blog post. Please like, comment, and share.

Anyways, see ya next time Fashionistas…

God bless you guys (wink)

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