The best-dressed male on the 2024 Grammy Awards red carpet

Who had the best Grammy Awards male fashion moments on the red carpet in 2024? Ed Sheeran arrived in a Stella McCarthy coma print look, 21 Savage showed up in an Ernest W. Baker suit look, James Blake was well-dressed in all Prada outfits, John Legend turned heads in a Saint Laurent suit, Maluma oozed elegance in a custom-made Dolce & Gabbana double-breasted tuxedo suit, and Jon Batiste wowed everyone in a custom Atelier Versace look.

There were plenty of the best-dressed men on the red carpet at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, displaying their superb fashion sense. The event also featured eye-catching clothes, such as custom-made suits, print pants, fitting tuxedo suits, a two-piece suit cropped single-breasted blazer jacket and wide-leg trousers combination, fine-tailored suits, and more.

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1. Ed Sheeran was looking great in Stella McCarthy Coma pants.

Ed Sheeran Coma Pants Grammy Awards male fashion moments

Ed Sheeran was one of the most captivating males on the red carpet at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. He chose his outfit from Stella McCarthy’s Fall 2019 runway collection, which featured coma-print pants and a matching coma jacket.

2. 21 Savage was lovely in Ernest W. Baker’s Fall 2024 suit.

21 Savage in a suit Grammy Awards male fashion moments

I adore his appearance and charm. 21 Savage completed his appearance with an Ernest W. Baker Fall 2024 tailored suit that featured a double-breasted blazer jacket, which was accented with pants and leather gloves.

3. James Blake wore all-black Prada suits.

James Blake in Prada Grammy Awards male fashion moments

I like how James wore his outfit from toe to head. He opted for a monochromatic suit from Prada, which included a cropped single-breasted cropped blazer jacket that looked fantastic on him, high-waisted jeans, and patent leather shoes that shone brightly.

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5. Maluma looked his finest in a custom-made Dolce & Gabbana double-breasted tuxedo suit.

Mulama Dolce and Gabana Grammy Awards male fashion moments

I truly like Maluma’s look. He arrived in a magnificent custom-made Dolce & Gabbana fitting tuxedo suit with a double-breasted blazer, wide-leg pants, and shirt, and he wore Christian Louboutin black and white pointed patent leather loafers with pointed toes to complete his outfit.

4. John Legend dressed well in a Saint-Laurent suit.

John Legend in Saint Laurent Grammy Awards male fashion moments

He looked dapper on the red carpet. John Legend also arrived in style, dressed in a black-on-black look from the Saint Laurent Fall 2023 runway collection fashion show, which included a satin shirt with a beautiful plunging neckline and bow collar, wide-leg pants, patent leather shoes, and a blazer jacket.

6. Jon Batiste wore his look with a custom-made Atelier Versace ensemble.

John Batiste Grammy Awards male fashion moments

Jon Batiste was one of several celebrities who looked exclusive and fashionable during the occasion. And his Versace suit, complete with Christian Louboutin leather boots, really stole the show.

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