Naomi Watts is not new to this channel, nor is she new to the fashion world. I bet she is one of the most talented and timeless actresses of all time! Many love her for her exceptional performances on screen and also for being that sexy and stylish TV icon. In this exclusive article, I want us to delve deep into her best-dress moments that set the internet ablaze and left many people talking. Our selection will cut across many events, both local and international. Here are the 7 best choices for you.

1. The black evening gown:

Every fashionista out there deserves to have a statement classic black gown that will stand out in many events! Her gown was highly rated for being very simple, allowing her natural beauty to take center stage. As always, the dress had a sexy plunging neckline and draping that brought out the best in her. Isn’t she sexy?


2. How about the Oscar-winning gown?

One of Naomi Watts’s hottest dresses was during the Oscars. She was stopped in a breathtaking gown that combined sexiness and sophistication. The dress was made in such a way as to be figure-flattering, thus revealing every single curve on her body. Naomi Watts, in her Oscar gown, proved beyond doubt that she can be confident on the runway!


3. A film festival in bohemian chic:

Naomi Watts is the queen of bohemian! She chose a chic and flowing dress with very vibrant colors that proved her free-spirited personality. From my reviews, she made a perfect transition from the red carpet glamour to the boho-chic style!

4. How about a white jumpsuit?

I am a great lover of jumpsuits, truth be told! Naomi Watts wowed her fans after turning up in a white jumpsuit that was figure-hugging and revealed every single curve in her. It had a very statuesque figure, and the accessories on it complimented it perfectly. This was proof to the world that Naomi Watts could go beyond fashion boundaries to deliver!

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5. Street-style chic:

Naomi Watts is not only a queen of the red carpet! She has gone ahead to try her charm on the street style! This time, she went for short sexy dresses.

Naomi Watts hot sexy dress

6. Floral glamour by Naomi Watts!

This was at a movie premiere. She wore a floral gown that was made of vibrant colors and perfectly complemented the occasion. Her choice of dress indeed stole the show!


7. A metallic gown on the red carpet!

How about some Hollywood glamour? This dress radiated light from literally every corner, emphasizing her radiant beauty. As expected, she commanded attention!


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