In the dynamic world of K-pop, Blackpink has not only established itself as a musical force to be taken seriously but has also emerged as a major player in the world of fashion. The group consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, this group has not only become renowned for their musical talent but has also become closely associated with setting trends and turning heads both on and off the stage. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most beloved outfits worn by Blackpink that have captivated the hearts of fans or BLINKS and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Blackpink “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” Era Glamour

Blackpink Ddu Du Ddu Du Music Video
blackpink Ddu Du Ddu Du outfit

Blackpink’s hit song “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” made them even more famous in K-pop, and it was also a special time for their fashion. The music video had them wearing cool and daring outfits that showed off their unique styles. Whether it was Jennie’s standout red plaid look or Lisa’s bold military-inspired outfit, the “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” era was a fashion moment that fans won’t forget.

Blackpink Coachella Bohemian Vibes

blackpink coachella 2019 outfits
blackpink coachella 2023 outfits

Blackpink’s standout show at Coachella 2019 was a big moment for them. Their outfits, featuring florals, fringe, and denim, captured the festival’s laid-back yet stylish vibe. Jisoo’s boho-chic dress, Rosé’s fringed jacket, Jennie’s denim shorts, and Lisa’s trendy crop top mixed comfort and style, showcasing Blackpink’s stage presence.

Blackpink Retro Charm in “How You Like That”

Blackpink How you like that outfits
blackpink how you like that music video

During the “How You Like That” era, Blackpink embraced retro glamour with a modern touch. The members showcased their versatility in outfits inspired by different decades. Jisoo rocked an oversized blazer and wide-leg pants, Jennie dazzled in an embellished crop top with high-waisted pants, Rosé sported a feathered top, and Lisa added a statement belt. Together, these looks perfectly blended old-school charm with a contemporary flair.

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“Lovesick Girls” Chic and Romantic

blackpink lovesick girls mv

During the “Lovesick Girls” era, Blackpink embraced a romantic and chic aesthetic. The music video showcased the members in elegant and feminine outfits that matched the heartfelt lyrics of the song. From Jisoo’s ethereal dresses to Rosé’s playful yet sophisticated ensembles, the outfits highlighted Blackpink’s seamless transition between different fashion styles while maintaining a cohesive group image.

Individual Style Statements

blackpink individual style

One of the reasons Blackpink’s fashion resonates so strongly with fans is the distinct individual styles of each member. Jennie, known as the “Human Chanel,” often gravitates towards high-end luxury brands, effortlessly blending street style with haute couture. Rosé, on the other hand, embraces a more bohemian and vintage-inspired aesthetic, often incorporating unique accessories into her looks. Jisoo’s style is characterized by elegance and classic pieces, while Lisa is celebrated for her daring and edgy fashion choices. Together, they form a diverse and visually captivating fashion collective.


Blackpink’s journey in K-pop isn’t just about music; it’s also a fashion revolution. From the bold “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” era to the bohemian chic Coachella stage, the group consistently breaks fashion boundaries. Whether showing off individual styles or harmonizing in group outfits, Blackpink captivates with trendsetting fashion. As they make waves globally, fans eagerly await the next stylish chapter in Blackpink’s journey, knowing each outfit reflects their lasting impact on the fashion world.

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