Gemstones, worn for centuries, symbolize adornment and mystical energies. Birthstone jewelry believed to attract positivity and protect against negativity, continues to be cherished today.

January – Garnet

Embrace commitment and love with vibrant red garnets, the official birthstone of January. A token of romance, trust, and unconditional love.

February – Amethyst

February’s amethyst, an Aquarius birthstone, mirrors a starry night. Associated with deep spirituality, it brings love, humility, blissfulness, and sincerity to relationships.

March – Aquamarine & Bloodstone

Aquamarine, for a blissful youth, and bloodstone, promoting inner strength and vitality, are March’s birthstones.

April – Diamond

Diamonds, April’s enchanting birthstone, symbolize strength, longevity, and cheerfulness.

May – Emerald

Celebrate life’s charm with lush green emeralds, symbolizing rebirth and prosperity.

June – Pearl, Alexandrite, & Moonstone

June offers a triple treat – pearls for innocence, moonstone for luck, and alexandrite for change and good fortune.

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July – Ruby

Drench in romantic hues with July’s passionate ruby birthstone. A symbol of power, vigor, passion, and commitment.

August – Peridot, Spinel, & Sardonyx

Peridot brings serenity, spinel exudes passion, and Sardonyx harmonizes relationships in August.

September – Sapphire

Sapphire, Virgo’s birthstone, symbolizes loyalty and royalty, epitomizing faithfulness and trustworthiness.

October – Opal & Tourmaline

Opal signifies hope and confidence, while tourmaline promotes calmness and joy in October.

November – Topaz & Citrine

Topaz imparts wisdom and strength, and citrine attracts positive energy and prosperity in November.

December – Turquoise, Zircon, & Tanzanite

December offers a trio – turquoise for freshness, zircon for wealth, and tanzanite for positivity.


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