A modern woman wears her heart on her sleeve. She takes up challenges, expresses her views, and stands for the rights of herself and others. Being a modern woman, you should be proud of yourself and adorn your powerful aura with the beauty of emerald pendants. Emerald is one of the three most prominent colored gemstones. The other two gemstones are ruby and sapphire.

Emerald occurs in deep to medium green and bluish-green colors. A pendant made with the relaxing hues of emerald sounds just about perfect for a modern woman like you. Check out these 5 must-have emerald pendants to adorn your neckline.

Emerald Solitaire Pendants

Embrace the divine green color of emerald that goes easy on the eye by adorning yourself with an emerald solitaire pendant. A minimalist emerald pendant can enhance your beauty with its modest yet irresistible appeal. You can complement your emerald pendant with a pair of emerald earrings to complete the look. Fashion your emerald solitaire pendant in gold if you have a warm skin tone. If you have a cool skin tone, you can fashion your emerald pendant in white gold or platinum. You can wear your emerald solitaire pendant to an office party or formal meeting.

Diamond Halo Emerald Pendants


Diamond Halo Emerald Pendants
diamond halo emerald pendant in yellow gold

Mix and match the soothing hues of emerald with the brilliance of accent diamonds to create a charming pendant. The sparkle of diamonds amplifies the cool elegance of emeralds, giving the ensemble a rich look. This type of stylish emerald pendant can be worn on special occasions to add a pinch of sophistication and glamor to your outfit. You can fashion your diamond halo emerald pendant in the emerald cut because this cut exudes refinement like nothing else does. Moreover, style your diamond halo emerald pendant in yellow gold to make a bold statement.

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Floral Emerald Pendants


Floral Emerald Pendants
floral emerald pendant in rose gold

Being a modern woman, you should spare no effort in embracing your femininity. And what better way to do so than adorning yourself with a pendant styled in the floral design? The mesmerizing appeal of a floral emerald pendant can become synonymous with your look for a night out with friends. Emerald is one of nature’s most fabulous wonders that you can ever come across. So, why not embellish this beauty of nature in a floral design? Fashion your floral emerald pendant in rose gold because it will go well with the floral design. Whether you’re choosing a casual outfit or dressing up a floral emerald pendant will elevate any of your outfits.

Sapphire & Emerald Two-stone Pendant


Sapphire & Emerald Two-stone Pendant
sapphire & emerald pendant in yellow gold

If you’re the kind of woman who prefers over-the-top jewelry pieces that promise to impress, you’re going to love a sapphire & emerald pendant. Emerald is a magnificent gemstone with a soothing aura. People buy emerald jewelry because it helps them reduce stress. On the other hand, sapphire is a celestial gemstone that people always relate to aristocracy.

Choosing these two gemstones for your pendant can bring the perfect balance of serenity and royalty to your life. You can keep the design of this pendant simple because the two gemstones are enough to make it extravagant. Style your sapphire & emerald two-stone pendant in white gold to make a splash.

Heart-shaped Emerald Pendants


Heart-shaped Emerald Pendants
heart-shaped emerald pendant in rose gold

An emerald pendant in the heart shape can be your perfect accessory when going on a date night. Though your date will never focus on the pendant because of your beautiful eyes, it’ll still look wonderful adorning your neck. Heart-shaped emeralds have something more than meets the eye. You can fashion your heart-shaped pendant in yellow or rose gold to add that perfect pop of color to the ensemble.

Final Words

From a solitaire pendant that has elegance written all over it to a stylish two-stone pendant that can turn heads, this list of must-have emerald pendants has it all.  Which of these emerald pendants will you be choosing for yourself? Explore GemsNY’s collection of emerald pendants to get your fascination.

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