Neem combs are highly recommended by professional hairstylists and beauticians worldwide due to their natural and herbal properties.

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While combing your hair is one of the simplest ways to maintain soft and healthy hair, did you know that the type of comb you may be using to groom your tresses also has certain effects on the well-being of your hair and scalp? A wooden comb is a hair and scalp-friendly solution as it does not harm the hair, and neem is a medicinal plant that is known for its countless health benefits. We all remember to take the utmost care of our hair and try to always keep it healthy and shiny. Some of us may go to extreme lengths to maintain, care for, and nourish our locks, as they are very precious to everyone regardless of the condition of the hair.


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Neem Comb: Uses And Benefits 

1. Promotes A Healthy Scalp 

When you use a neem comb to brush your hair, it presses against your scalp, activating acupuncture points and massaging your scalp in a way that promotes overall blood circulation to your scalp, which is beneficial to your hair. A healthy scalp is a prerequisite for healthy locks.

2. Nourishes The Hair 

When you use a neem comb instead of a plastic comb, the natural oils in your scalp are evenly dispersed throughout your hair. Using a neem comb helps to keep your hair lustrous, bouncy, and healthy while also lowering the likelihood of breakage and hair loss.
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3. Promotes Hair Growth

Try using a neem comb if you want long, healthy hair. It will increase blood flow to your scalp, which will help the hair follicles receive the maximum amount of nutrients. It also helps remove pollutants, foreign particles, and impurities by controlling sebum production. Moreover, neem combs may easily help remove any of these things from your hair and scalp, unlike metal or plastic combs that attract these things due to their heavy charge.

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4. Prevents Greasiness 

The majority of us may struggle with an oily scalp during the summer months due to the uneven distribution of natural oils secreted by sebaceous glands. Nevertheless, using a neem comb distributes the oil evenly throughout your hair’s length as well as across your scalp, leaving your hair less oily than using a plastic or PVC comb.

5. Prevents Breakage And Hair Loss 

Using a neem comb instead of a plastic one could be beneficial for your hair because the former glides through hair more easily, causing less breakage and damage, and the latter’s wider bristles move through hair more easily, reducing friction and improving detangling.
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6. Takes Care Of Dandruff

Using neem combs can help you avoid dandruff, which can be a very bothersome scalp problem with white, scaly flakes. Neem is softer and gentler on your hair and scalp, and it also shields your scalp from potential harm from friction, cuts, and nicks—all of which can occur with plastic combs.

Neem combs are suitable for all hair types and are widely available in the market. If you do not already own one, you should think about getting one and seeing how it can benefit your hair and scalp. Be careful not to choose neem combs that have been painted, varnished, or treated with other chemicals as you do not want any chemicals to come into contact with your hair and scalp.

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