Paige Bueckers is loved by many basketball fans, probably not only for her sleek dunk styles on the pitch but for her great fashion sense too! The young lady seems to have it all figured out. My, oooh my, I honestly don’t remember the last time I saw a stylish athlete. That said, why don’t we walk down her wardrobe—the internet-visible side, of course. Enjoy.

1. The red carpet dress:

As a renowned athlete, Paige Bueckers definitely has a red carpet dress, several to say so. A red carpet dress is basically something stylish, long enough, and probably has a sexy high slit! I scrolled through her outfits on the internet, and my guess was right—she had several!

Paige Bueckers red carpet dress

2. How about some  Mini dresses?

Paige is indeed a queen, in and out of the courtroom! She seems to have fallen in love with little dresses and loves to wear them when not engaged in her daily roles. Stylish, right?

Paige Bueckers mini dress

3. The Sporty-Chic Dunk:

Who said one could never be sporty and chic at the same time? Paige Bueckers nails it with athleisure and high fashion in a stylish sweatshirt dress worn with sneakers. Simple yet stylish, this is a casual look for an easy day out or even an event that does not demand much.

4. The Casual Outfits:

Being a sports lady, she is probably casual most of the time. However, there are those events that require you to be a little bit more casual and stylish. I grabbed one of the similar outfits from the internet featuring her. Have a look!

Paige Bueckers in trousers casual

5. The Casual Slam Dunk:

Paige Bueckers sure knows how to score some points for keeping it cool and casual all day, even on her off days. With a casual slam dunk and a simple t-shirt dress, when paired with sneakers and a baseball cap, it goes to show that having a simple style doesn’t have to be hard.

6. The little dress!

Every lady out there probably has a little dress, maybe for an evening dinner or a casual party with the ladies, and Paige Buecker is not an exception. See this little dress by Paige Buecker.

7. The evening dress!

An evening dress is basically for those romantic night galas, official parties, or a romantic date with your loved one. I am not sure if Paige Buecker is single or taken, but true to the fact, she had a hot evening dress, or rather, an evening gown!

Paige Bueckers sexy evening dress

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