Madame Web Press: Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney’s Best Fashion Moments.

Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney showed true elegance at the Madam Web press tour, impressing everyone with their fashion choices.

Dakota, also known as Madam Web in the film, looked stunning in a black Versace outfit for the London press and turned heads in Tom Ford striped slacks with matching pinstriped wool and silk vests in Rio de Janeiro.

Sydney Sweeney amazed everyone with her diverse looks, from a chic khaki dress to a stylish Patou Fall/Winter 2024/2025 floral shirt and skirt combo. She rocked a Givenchy double-face cashmere coat and a matching Balmain crepe jumpsuit during the Los Angeles Madam Web press.

Explore more about Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney’s fabulous wardrobes during the Madam Web press tour.

1. Sydney Sweeney wearing the Patou Fall 2024 dress on the Madam Web press tour

Sydney Sweeney Madam Web press

Sydney looked stunning in this ensemble and nailed it, particularly for a night out. While promoting her latest film “Madame Web,” she was photographed wearing an ensemble from Patou’s Fall/Winter 2024/2025 runway show, which included a short khaki dress, a stylish shirt, and a skirt with floral accents. She enhanced her look by sporting Miu Miu sunglasses, a small Fendi Peekaboo Iseeu bag, and over-the-knee boots.

Which style do you prefer: the one on the runway with the model wearing closed shoes or the one worn by Sydney Sweeney with over-the-knee boots and sunglasses?

Madam Web press Sydney Sweeney again

A fashion model walks a runway at the Patou ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2024/2024 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week.

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2. Dakota Johnson wore a Versace Pre-Fall 2024 dress to the Madame Web London Press.

Dakota Johnson Madam Web press

I liked how she styled herself for the London “Madam Web” photocall. She also donned a monochromatic look from the Versace Pre-Fall 2024 runway show, which had a cropped blazer jacket and a matching high-waisted midi skirt. Dakota, or Madame Web, as she is known in the film, completed her press tour look with Bottega Veneta punta mules, which matched her monochrome attire and made it even more lovely by adding Jessica McCormack jewelry.

Dakota Johnsons Madam Web press inspiration

A model posed on the catwalk during the Versace Pre-Fall 2024 runway collection fashion show.

3. At the Madam Web Rio de Janeiro Press Tour, Dakota Johnson donned a Tom Ford scoop neck tank top.

Dakota Johnson in Tom Ford Madam Web press

Dakota looks stunning in the Madam Web Rio de Janeiro photocall on the red carpet. The mix of these colors and patterns accentuated her already stunning and comfortable appearance. She wore a Tom Ford tank top with a scooped neckline, a pinstriped wool and silk vest from Tom Ford, Bottega Venete blink mules, and Tom Ford pinstriped slacks.

4. During the Los Angeles Madam Web press tour, Sydney Sweeney wore a Givenchy double-face cashmere coat with a scarf.

Sydney Sweeney in Givenchy Madam Web press

Her style was exquisite and lovely in this black Givenchy double-face cashmere coat with a scarf and matching Balmain crepe jumpsuit, as well as the gold Heaven Mayhem bean earrings, which were rather unique.

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