Be it an anniversary ring, wedding ring, or engagement ring, rings are symbols of love, commitment, and celebration. While they come in various shapes and sizes, some stand out for their sheer extravagant beauty and hefty price tags. In this article, we will explore the seven most expensive diamond rings in the world, showcasing the pinnacle of luxury and craftsmanship.

1. The Pink Star Diamond Ring – Approx. $71.2 million

Topping the list is the Pink Star Diamond Ring, which fetched a staggering $71.2 million at an auction. This ring features a stunning 59.60-carat oval-cut pink diamond, known as the Pink Star, which is one of the largest and finest pink diamonds ever discovered. Set in platinum and rose gold shank, this magnificent gem exhibits exceptional clarity and a mesmerizing pink hue, making it a true marvel of rarity and beauty.

2. The Oppenheimer Blue – Approx. $50.6 million

The Oppenheimer Blue is a diamond known for its extraordinary beauty and rarity. It is named after the Oppenheimer family, who once controlled the De Beers diamond company. With an unmatched depth of color, this 14.62-carat, emerald-cut blue diamond is one of the most magnificent and largest blue diamonds in the world.

3. The Pink Legacy Diamond Rings – Approx. $50.4 million

The Pink Legacy Diamond Ring, sold for a staggering $50.4 million, is a true masterpiece of nature. This ring boasts an 18.96-carat rectangular-cut pink diamond, known for its mesmerizing and vividly saturated pink color. The diamond’s exceptional clarity and exquisite proportions make it a rare and valuable gem. The ring’s platinum band further enhances the diamond’s beauty, resulting in a truly breathtaking piece.

4. The Blue Moon Diamond Rings – Approx. $48.4 million

The Blue Moon Diamond Ring holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive rings in the world, with a price tag of $48.4 million. This exquisite ring features a cushion-cut blue diamond weighing 12.03 carats. The mesmerizing hue of blue diamond, combined with its exceptional clarity and flawless nature, contributes to its extraordinary value. Designed by a renowned jeweler, this ring is a testament to the allure of colored diamonds.

5. The Graff Pink Diamond Rings – Approx. $46.2 million

Graff Pink Diamond Rings
Graff Pink Diamond Ring 

The Graff Pink Diamond Ring is a breathtaking piece that fetched a remarkable $46.2 million at an auction. This ring showcases a rare 24.78-carat pink diamond with a vividly intense hue, known as the Graff Pink. With its perfect rectangular shape and exceptional clarity, this diamond is a true marvel of nature. The ring’s platinum band, adorned with smaller colorless diamonds, offers a stunning contrast that enhances the beauty of the centerpiece. With the popularity of this ring, pink diamonds became a preference for wedding and anniversary rings.

6. Grace Kelly’s Engagement Rings – Approx. $38.8 Million  

When Grace Kelly got engaged in 1956. Her massive emerald-cut diamond ring drew immediate public attention. It cost around $4 million at that time, but its current value is around $38.8 million, making it fit for royalty and part of the House of Grimaldi’s private collection. It features three high-quality diamonds, with the central one weighing 10.5 carats.

7. The Winston Blue Diamond Rings – Approx. $23.8 million

The Winston Blue Diamond Ring, sold for $23.8 million, is an exceptional piece of jewelry that epitomizes elegance and extravagance. This ring features a breathtaking 13.22-carat flawless, vivid blue diamond known for its exceptional color saturation and extraordinary clarity. The diamond is complemented by a simple platinum band, allowing the mesmerizing blue gem to capture all attention.

Apart from these seven rings, many other rings got limelight in recent years. For instance, Prince Harry’s wedding ring is one of the world-famous men’s wedding rings. Princess Diana’s blue sapphire ring and Elizabeth Taylor’s diamond ring are some other rings that set timeless jewelry trends.

Rings are also a beautiful way to mark a milestone in your life. In that sense, an emerald ring can be the best 20th-anniversary gift.

The famous rings mentioned above represent the epitome of luxury and opulence. They are remarkable for their exceptional craftsmanship and the rarity of the gemstones that they feature. These rings serve as a testament to the enduring allure and timeless beauty of fine jewelry, encapsulating the essence of love and celebration in their exquisite designs. At GemsNY, you can find a variety of rings along with replicas of the world’s famous rings, so pick one for yourself and enter the world of luxury.

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