Are you a sports lover? Do you know Bronny James, the son of NBA superstar LeBron James? He has already made an impact on fashion off the hardwood. Bronny’s style has always been eye-popping and has been noted to have turned so many heads in the fashion industry. We take a look at seven stylish moments in which Bronny showcased his very quirky taste in fashion.

1. The Red Carpet swagger?

I have been to the red carpet, and one of the things you cannot afford is the red carpet swagger. Bronny James appeared on the red carpet in a tailored suit that exuded sophistication.


2. Are you an athleisure chic lover?

For those who do not love the athleisure chic look, I would kindly ask you to reconsider it and perhaps emulate the Bronny style. Blending comfort with style, Bronny effortlessly pulls off the athleisure trend.

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3. Accessories with Flair:

Do you know that accessories can make or break an outfit? From statement watches to chic eyewear, Bronny is adventurous with accessories. Are you worried about trying them out, or are you not so sure about the best match to go for? Free yourself from worry because Bronny has got you.

4. Street Style Savvy:

What’s your street-style outfit? In my case, one can manage with a pair of jeans and a bold T-shirt. Bronny’s style of streetwear is just a masterclass for me, describing his laid-back yet stylish person.

5. What about the dapper denim?

My wardrobe cannot do without the combination of denim; it is one of my necessities too. Bronny has proven denim has timeless appeal. Incorporating denim into his outfits, Bronny has done it with ease and timeless appeal, just like in my case.


6. Bold Patterns and Prints:

Are you a wearer of and shy about bold patterns and prints adding some playfulness to your ensembles? From floral shirts to geometric, from fearless and unusual fashion to wear, it will also encourage them to get out of their shell.

7. The Sneaker Game!

As the son of LeBron James, a renowned sneaker icon, it’s no surprise that Bronny has developed a passion for sneakers.

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