7 of Kylie Jenner’s Best Street Style Looks from Paris Fashion Week

When it comes to Paris Fashion Week, we see a variety of celebrities flaunting their flawless fashion sense on the street and making it go viral. And Kylie Jenner is one of them, constantly looking vogue and exquisite.

Kylie Jenner has donned a range of fascinating street styles during Paris Fashion Week, including a pleated mini skirt with a matching cropped jacket for a chic look, a tiered midi dress with leather pumps, draped maxi dresses with shark lock boots for a captivating look, a Dilara Findikoglu Spring 2023 dress with Gianvito Rossi open-toe sandals, and more.

Here are my top 7 amazing Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week street looks. Continue viewing to discover what she wore during Paris Fashion Week.

1. She looked lovely in a white pleated short skirt and matching cropped jacket.

White Pleated Short Skirt Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week

Kylie’s entrance took everyone by surprise. I liked how she wore Maximilian Davis’s Madeline inverted-pleat crepe mini skirt and matched it with a matching cropped technical jacket; the ensemble was very voguish and fantastic.

2. Her style in a black tiered midi dress with matching leather shoes was astonishing.

Black Midi  Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week

Also, this style looks magnificent to me. Her Bottega Venete sleeveless midi dress with a V-neckline and tiered skirt, worn with matching leather heels, was on point.

3. The draped maxi dress and shark-lock boots provided her with a striking appearance.

draped maxi  Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week

This is one of my favorite Kylie street-style looks. She looks wonderful in this Givenchy attire, which she wore from head to toe: a casual draped maxi dress, pink shark lock boots, a twisted crystal necklace in silver, and cut sunglasses.

4. She looked great in a custom-made neon shirt.

Neon Shirt  Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week

Kylie looked stunning and lovely in this style. Her Balenciaga custom 2022 couture neon shirt, black falcon bodysuit, and black couture tote bag stole the spotlight.

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5. She was undoubtedly in this velvet dress.

Velvet Dress  Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week

I adore this dress. She oozed beauty in this look from Schiaparelli’s Fall 2022 catwalk collection, which included a statement-making black heart choker with teeth stud earrings, a black little bag, and a strapless bustier velvet evening gown with an elegant plunging neckline.

6. She appeared stunning in the Dilara Findikoglu Spring 2023 dress and Gianvito Rossi open-toe sandals.

Dilara Findikoglu  Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week

Kylie was beautiful in her Dilara Findikoglu dress, which had translucent silk trapped inside the mesh, a keyhole cutout, and a thigh-high slit.

7. In her Maison Margiela Spring 2023 outfit, she exuded pure elegance.

Maison Margiela Kylie Jenner Paris Fashion Week

Kylie looked excellent in this style. I loved everything about this look, from the black Balenciaga sunglasses to the Coperni swipe bag.

Which of Kylie Jenner’s street-style outfits from Paris Fashion Week is your favorite? Follow me on Fashination Bellah Kwamy to discover more of her voguish streetwear.

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